Luxury travel is about exquisite landscapes, decadent surroundings, and extravagant décor. But it’s also about unique experiences, like taking to the air in a biplane, roaring across the savannah in a convertible classic car, up close encounters with wildlife alongside renowned conservationists, authentic cultural interactions, and exploring with the best guides in the business. It’s the privilege of being immersed in your own slice of Africa; having stories that no-one else can tell.

Trave2Africa will plan your trip meticulously, handpicking the best private guides in private reserves well away from the crowds. It’s why we choose the finest safari houses that welcome families with open arms, as well as intimate camps in romantic settings where couples are pampered from the moment, they step foot through the door.


  • Take some entertainment for down time in safari camps – smartphone games, iPad apps, books, colouring stuff, playing cards, etc.
  • Pack a small rucksack for each child to use as a day pack, great for taking in vehicles or planes.
  • Be adventurous, children are more robust than you think and families often really enjoy simple fly camping and walking.
  • Don’t rush – we advise at least three nights per safari camp – and don’t try to do too much on one family holiday.

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